...It working. They working. They walking. She and he singing. They singing and humming like birds side by side hand in hand. Her right hand in his left hand. They walking along on the beach.
...We walking, they said.
...You walking, she said.
...We walking, he said. You and I. Walking. Now. Finally. Walking and walking. And then walking some more. We walking together.
...They walking then. And singing and conversating and dreaming and living the dreaming. They living it and loving each other. She loving him and he loving her. nd looking at her and hearing her sing and seeing her walk after she had let go of his hand. She walking and singing and dancing and then suddenly stopping before dancing again some more. Dancing and whirling and twirling doing her ballet. Doing it. Performing it. Executing it. Easily and effortlessly and smoothly and sweetly and heartbreakingly. She doing it. In front of him. Right directly in front of him.
...You are doing it, he said.
...You see me doing it, she said. Now you see. Me. Doing. It. See me working. See how I work. Now you see the inner workings of how I work and walk and sing and dance. How I move and conversate and initiate and lead and explore. Now you see it in front of your very own eyes. You have always thought it to be there and imagined it to be there and now you are seeing it. For real and in real life. In three dimensions. In physical form. In solid concrete form. As solid as stone.

Monkey Munney

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