...They worked the notes of the song plenty deep now after having travelled from Istanbul to Paris on the train and she saw that he yet be loving her and her singing what with she all hot and hearted and writhing like a happy rattlesnake and all.
...They worked it deep. They worked it and worked it. They working it. They working it long. They working the long ball. They working the line deep. They doing it deep. They going deep. They going for the long haul of the long ball the home run.
...They going for it and going for it.

...They working the trade. They working the place. They working the world. They working the thing. They doing it and doing it.

...They worked it deep while living in Paris in France. They did it there. They worked there. They worked in Paris. They were working it in Paris. They were doing it in Paris. They were getting the work done in Paris. They were doing it there.

...They working there. And working there and walking there and seeing things and feeling things feeling free and alive and open and wild and out there baby way out there.

...She and he working there. They doing the work there. They playing the piano. They playing it all the way up for all it and for all that they were worth.
...She and he working and walking and travelling and dancing. They moving. Then suddenly they there. They had arrived. They were there. They there. And there and there and there and everywhere. They there working. And pumping and looking and smelling and listening and tasting and touching and all. They there working. And thinking and enjoying the sights and the sounds and liking them and then loving them. They loving the sights and the sounds and the smells.
...They really digging them and grooving on them there. They doing the things in Paris by the river. The River Seine. They walking by it and looking at it and seeing it and feeling it. They there. She and he there. They there working in Paris. In France. In Europe. On Earth. As it is in Heaven.

Monkey Munney

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