A woman who dances for relaxation after working all day. She dances and romances. Surrenders to the music and the steps and the measures and the rhythms and the moving and tangoing and tangling and wrestling and to him and to the everything. Giving everything to it and to him. Giving and giving and offering and inviting and requesting and suggesting and just moving and working it fast and dancing fast and then dancing slow and slower really slow and then really fast again and hot and racy and deep and sweet and saucy and spicy spicy spicy dancing up a storm up a hurricane the music moving them the moving itself moving them. Moving them automatically they serving the music digging the dancing loving it and loving it really digging it digging the penetrating that was seeping into their bones into their 'huesos' into their hearts. Seeping and sinking and pleasing the music and the smell and the sweat and the atmosphere and the floor and the dim low lighting and music playing and playing working into them. Thus moving them transporting them changing her and him charging them up animating them bringing them to life and heating them up warming them up causing them to be hot and burning and on fire and licking the air. Like two flames licking the air. Kissing it. They liking the touching and the tasting of it. She and he moving to the music. To the power and to the magnificent miracle of the music.

A man who dances for enjoyment after working all day. He finding an angel. A sight. A dancer a girl a friend a partner an artist a musician an actress. A woman. Finding everything. It all. The whole ball of wax. Finding a match a fire a perfection a perfect fit. Finding it all. Finding Shangri-La. Finding excitement and fire fire fire. Finding a spirit. Finding a singer who dances who really does the tango likes the tango loves the tango. Loves dancing it and doing it and working it and feeling it. Finding a love. In all the right places and right spaces. Finding. What she has. What it has. Finding life. A sweet heart a lady a tigress a princess. A female. Finding her. Finding you. Dancing for just the right thing the right woman one good woman. One good one. Finding the total package. The real deal. Everything. A woman who dances the tango and who hears the heart of the tango in her heart. Who hears it and feels it. And acts upon it. Dancing with this nice feeling this nice flow this nice going and going and traveling and exploring and then now suddenly finding. They finding one another and sharing the feelings and then the music finding them finding her and him dancing. In a green grass field. Tangoing and expressing freely in any and all directions. The music moving them. Physically and emotionally. "Teardrops and laughter passing through this world hand in hand". And they passing through it hand in hand. Her right hand in his left hand. They dancing digging deeper and deeper finding little gold nuggets and big diamond rocks that roll and shake and rattle and quake and quiver making them shiver with love with life with music with energy with fun.

Monkey Munney

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