They working. They be working. Then they were done. Because they did it. They did the trick. They did the work. They worked it. They loved it.
They saw it. They saw the world. Together they saw it. They saw each other. She saw him and he saw her. They talked. They danced. They laughed. They clicked.
They liked one another.
They traveled the world. They traveled it. They walked it. They walked the beach. They hiked the trail.
They were it. They were the world.
They did the world.
They had the world. They had it all. They had magic.
They made music together.
They made tracks.
Lots of tracks.
Lots of training.
Lots of love.
They met.
First they had lunch. Then they had dinner. And then they said goodbye and then goodnight.
They each said see you later and meant it.
They rocked. They rocked out. They rocked and they rolled…all night long. They jammed. They tangoed. They did The Tango. They danced the tango. Moving to the fell of the music.
They got down to the nitty and to the gritty. To the basics. To the bottom of each other’s hearts. They got to the loved. They got to it. They got to one another. They got a hold of each other. They reached one another.
They connected.
They hit it off right off the bat right away right straight away.
The touched. They held hands. He held her right hand in his left hand. They looked at one another. They sang a song. Sitting and then standing side by side. Day after day. And eventually year after year.
They had found this sort of romance.
They found each other.
Traveling the world they stayed in hotels. Nice hotels. Cool hotels. Neat ones. Romantic places. Visiting many countries.
Eating the food. Meeting the people. Seeing the land.
They did this.
They did this kind of work.
They walked the paths. They heard the music. They were listening to the sounds. They had jammed and cooked and booked and gone fast very fast. They drank water. They got healthy.
Then they stayed healthy. They got rich. They got lucky. But they had also worked hard and for long hours. Sometimes late into the night. Sometimes all night. Working and working. Walking and walking. Dancing and dancing. Keeping moving. Keeping going. Staying on the go.
Living on the road.
Living the life.
The good life.
A high life.
This full life.
With lots of fun. And plenty of happy times.
Endlessly engaging one another. By conversating and connecting and resonating. Walking hand in hand. Night after night. Step by step. Look by look.
They working. They be working.
They spoke. They felt…free…easy…relaxed. At peace. In tune. Alive.

Monkey Munney

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