She still at the dancing very early in the morning.

She still at it. Still working.

Still there. She be. She were there.

She were it. She were working. And being and doing and there. And she be living and dancing and eating and drinking water and breathing air and walking and traveling and then dead. Gone. And gone. Cooked history finished done over. And out. Knocked out. Down for the count. History. Hiss story. His story. She be his story. She be his life. His heart his everything. His wife. His Mrs. His Mistress. His Missiz. She be his woman. She be a woman. A real woman. She real. She be the woman. She be his. She be. She she she. Always she. Now she. She now here always. Always here. Yes. O She. She be her. She be she. She be it. She be the universe the world the planet. She.

She be it.

She be here.

She be there.

She be everywhere. And everything. She be all over the place all over the map all over the country all over the territory the terrain the landscape. She be all over the environment. She be the environment. She be the planet. She be Earth. She be Mother Earth and Mother Nature. She be the place.

She be. She be with him. She and he be one. They be one. They be together. They be a team. They be married. They be hitched. They be a couple. An item. A thought. A thought. An idea. An end a product an account material. They be physical. They be there. They be here. They be everywhere. They be everywhere.

They be living. And working and acting and taking action and moving and dancing and singing and then sleeping and walking and dreaming and flying. And flying and flying and moving and traveling and there and rooted and yet still moving. They be in motion.

They be moving. Emotionally moving. They be in love. They be in the town of Love. They be in the town of Heaven. They be in a place. They be in a good place a happy place. They be there. They be there. They be in that place. They be living there and working there existing there alive there the best there.

They be there. They working there. They a team there. They dancing as a team there. She and he be. She and he be dancing there. They be together. They got their act together. They got their shit together. They got it together. They got it going on.

They got it on. They got to it. They went at it. They went wild. They went for broke. They had gone for broke. They had gone for it. And they had made it. They had reached their destination reached their goal reached the goal reached the end. The end of the line. The end of time. The end of space. The end of the universe. The edge of the universe. The very edge. The outer limits. Outer space. They had reached it. They had been there. They were there. They were still there. They had stayed there. They were staying there. They were staying. Camping out. Settling down. Pitching the tent. Farming the land. Growing the food. Raising the crops. The corn the wheat the strawberries. The peaches. The apples. The fruit. The nectar.

Growing roots. They were growing roots. Making a home. Building a home. Making a life for themselves. Making a living.

Making a name for themselves. Making a mint. Making money. Making a bundle making a loot making a lot. Making tracks. Making love. Making history. Making up a story. Creating a story. Writing the script.

Making the movie. Making a move. Playing the game. Playing the game of chess. Playing the game of strategy. Having fun. Enjoying the game and the time and the action. Enjoying the weather and the scenery. Enjoying the scenes. Enjoying the scene. Liking the action. Liking the acting. Liking the movement and the music and the traveling and the sights and sounds and smells and tastes and touches and textures and happenings. Like the everything. Like life. Loving life. Living life. Living the life. Living their lives. Playing out their existence. Giving it everything they had and more.

Giving it their all. Giving it their best shot. Giving life their best. Giving it everything.

Giving it shape and style and substance and body and texture and character and action and work and sustenance. Food. Giving it food. And fuel. And energy. And oil. And thought. And action and motion and sound and flavor and love and sweat and tears and heart and toil and heat and fun.

Giving it physics.

Giving it ghosts.

They giving life spirit. They giving life life. They giving The Bank life. They giving it life. The book. The story. The play. The music. The work. The work of art. The creation. The song. The product the production the operation the open heart surgery the cardiology the blood the guts the grit the grit the grit. The grime. The courage. The bravery. The substance. The body. The physical. The physics. The science. The facts. The money the dough the clout the currency the current the electricity the attention the words the atoms the cells the molecules the growth the newness the novelty. The novel. The book. The automobile. The auto mobile. The automatic mobility device. The being there. The automaticness. The naturalness. The repetition the reputation the look the feel. They were giving it.

They were doing it. Living it. And loving it. And liking it. Breathing it and feeling it and eating it up soaking it in it all in taking it all in absorbing a a receiver like a wide receiver on a football team catching everything dropping nothing catching the ball and running with it...big time. Finally. In the end. Winning it all. Winning the championship. Winning the World Series. Winning the game. The ballgame the ball game. The game. Winning the tournament.

Winning The Masters. At Augusta. In Georgia.

And then winning again in North Carolina. In Asheville.

Winning in Miami.

Winning in Winnemucca. In Nevada. In the United States. Of America.

Of Planet Earth.

Of The Universe.

Of the one verse.

Of The One.

Winning all over the globe. Winning in Buenos Aires in Argentina. Winning in Istanbul. And in Cairo. And in Djibouti. In Africa. And then in Asia. And then Australia. In Hawaii. In California. In America. In Alaska. She winning in Alaska. Alaska winning in Alaska. Alaska Black winning in Alaska. In the state of Alaska. She winning there. In Anchorage and in Fairbanks and near Denali and then once flying to the outpost of Adak. Of Adak Island of the Aleutian Islands. Out on the western end of them. This in the westernmost part of the state. She winning there. She winning him over there. Winning his heart. Winning his love. Winning his imagination. This surreal dream.

She winning him. Him the prize. Him the catch. Him the trophy.

Him the big fish.

Him the man.

Him the human. The flesh and blood. The spirit in physical form. The love in person. In body. In fact. In a place. At a certain time. Doing a particular action. Doing nothing. Doing death. Dying. Dead. Lifeless. Unmoving. Stopped. Still. Motionless. Standing.


Improvising. On the spot. Flying by the seat of the pants. Flying on the fly. Doing it on the fly and on the spot. Doing it live and doing it in person. Doing it in imagination. Doing it in theory. And in practice in actuality in fact in physical form in body in substance solidly in the bag in the bank. Banking the thing. Depositing the loot. Bagging the beast. Robbing the bank. Pulling of the heist. Doing the job. Pulling the job of.

Making the movie. Making haste. Making tracks. Making the fun. Having the fun. And having the funds. Having the funds in order to have the fun. And also having the fun in order to have the funds. Having the fun was the funds. The fun was the currency. It was the product. It was the money. It was the valueable goods the rare commodity the gold. It was the gold. The fun was the gold. It was it. It was the goods. It was the gold. It was the loot. It be it.

They be it. They be the show. She and he be the show. They also be the dough. They be the money. They be the music AND they be the money. They be the music they be the money. They be the same. The music and the money be the same. They be one and the same. They be one. They be the same.

They be together.

She and he be together.

Alaska and Hank be together.

They be married. They be partners. They be a team. They be a whole team. A whole show. An entire operation. A two person team. A complete production in and of themselves. A whole universe. A whole world. A complete package. An entire image. A whole feeling. A whole feeling of wholeness. And of goodness. Something like the goodness of Motorcycle Maintenance.

They be a proof. They be proof. They be pudding. Food. Food for thought. Material. Matter. Material matter. Physical matter. Physical artifacts. Physical art physical facts physical period. Physical. Just plain old physical. They be physical. They be in their bodies. They be out of their minds and in to their bodies. Into traveling in their bodies. Traveling in their automatic bodies. Traveling in thought and in feeling and in body and in actuality and in fact and in three dimensions. On land and in air and across the oceans. Over the water.



Like a picture. Like a film. Like a movie. Moving like a movie. Moving emotionally. Moving e-motionally. Moving like e-mail. Moving electronically and moving electrically and moving spiritually and moving physically and moving financially. Moving peacefully and comfortably and naturally. Moving like Nature moves. Moving like an animal. Like a bird or like a bison. Moving like a migratory animal. Moving in the wilds and through the wilds. Moving. And moving and moving and moving and moving always moving and then suddenly done and not moving having reached the end. Having reached an end. Having reached an end of a road. Or an end of the line.

Moving like an image. Moving like a machine. Moving automatically. Moving like an automobile like an automaticmobile. Moving automatically. Instinctually naturally mechanically physically moving by heart moving by rote by repetition by familiarity moving by feel by a familiar feeling because they had performed the operation the action the movement the music the song the number the dance the little ditty over and over and over again.

Staying loose and keeping limber and in shape and working and walking and keeping the wheels greased and turning and on the road and on the move and on the go and rolling. Rolling on down the line. Rolling and rolling and rolling. Rolling like a truck like a big rig like a semi. Rolling like an automatic. Rolling on auto pilot. Rolling by rote. Rolling the dice. Rolling on the road. Rolling like that stone. Gathering no moss. Rolling and rocking and rollicking and frolicking and licking the air like the orange and red and yellow and white and blue flames of a fire of a campfire.

Rolling. And tooling. Tooling on down the road out in the boonies. Out in the boondocks. Out in the wild. Out in the wilderness. Out in the woods. Out in no man's land. Out in space. Out in time. Out of time. Out of touch. But still remarkably and amazingly in tune. And in rhythm. In a kind of rhythm. Singing this sort of song. This kind of song. This little song. This little thing.

Call it what you will. This thing. This little elaboration. Full of facts and figures and feelings and fuel and energy and atoms and appearances and images and visions and dreams and realities and lines and non-lines and non-doings being done in a non-linear nonlinear manner. Nonlinear and yet also linear. Artistic and yet also scientific at the same time. Simultaneously and yet also sequentially. Black and yet white.

Up and down. In and out. Around and around and around. Like a rollercoster. Like a ride. Like a fun ride. Like a fun house. Like an amusement. An amusement park. Like a rollercoaster ride at an amusement park.

Like a Fender Stratocaster. Like a guitar. Like music. Like a muse. Like an angel. Like little mice scurrying around and about the house. The place. The ranch. The studio. The hotel room. The bungalow. The cabin. The rustic cabin out in the woods. The office. The field. The stage. The everything. The no place. The vacuum place. The clean room. Of the silly electronic potato chip factory. Sterile. The operating room of the hospital.

Like a dream. Like automatic. Like being there. Like it alive. And breathing. And moving and eating and running and operating and producing and spitting out product like a factory. Or like a farm. Like crazy like mad like a storm like a blizzard hurricane like an explosion like a volcano.

They working on this thing. And this thing working on them. Working on her and him.

Driving them on. And on and on. Bugging them like bugs. Pestering them like mosquitoes. Buzzing in their ears and around their eyes and up their noses and in their mouths and on their skin sucking the blood from their veins with these fantastic farout little vacuum machine devices. Sucking it and sucking it. After the blood. Going right for the blood straight for the blood straight for the door straight for the exit for the way out straight for the end. Of the line. Of the song. Of the story. Of the book. Of the thing. Of the beast. Of the best. Of the goldmine. Of the discovery excavation evacuation exploration experimentation vacation vacating emptying out downloading dumping depositing deposit deposition confession professing lecture demonstration performance race display show. Sideshow. Circus.


Connection. Likeness. Object. Subject. Trial. Broadcast. Channel.


Metatechnology akin to nanotechnology.

It be like a kind of shorthand. A kind of language. A sort of mathematics. Except instead of using numbers words were used. Perhaps a pile of mumbo jumbo to some folk but that was completely understood by these other sort of folk.

She be moving with him. With his help. With his helping hands. And with his fully willing spirit. She moving and now moving and now once again really moving. Moving and opening things up opening the veins up opening the chest up in order to get to the heart. In order to get the job done. And then just as suddenly it be done. Done and done and done and done and done an done and over and finished and complete and ended and arrived. And arrived. And so she there. She right where she wished to be right where she was supposed to be where she was meant to be born to be intended to be.

She there. There and there. She there at the end of the line. At the end of the time. At the end of the show. At the end of all the dough. There was nothing left to be done. It had all been done. Everything had been done. Every little thing had been done. The work was complete. The work was finished. It was done. All done. All together in a nice tight fine little package. That folk could buy if they so desired. That could be shipped and shown and put on public display and offered and put forth and bought and sold and auctioned off and traded for and traded with and exchanged and such.

Signed sealed and delivered.

Transmitted. Transferred. Transported.

Moved. Trucked. Hidden and smuggled and pirated and snorted and inhaled and sucked up and flown and sought and got and bagged and seen and heard.

Recorded live.

Seen in person.

Heard first hand.

Drank. And drunk. Drunk like fine Scotch whisky. Like fiery Bourbon whiskey. Like a river. Like a street. Like New Orleans. Like The French Quarter. Like magic. Like a carnival. Like a couple of clowns clowning around town all for the amusement and amazement of the all the good people.

* * * * *

All done and one and wrapped up. Thats a wrap. Thats a wrap folks. Thats a it. Thats a all she wrote. Thats the whole ballgame. That be the end of the line. This be it. This be all there was going to be. This be the curtain coming down.

It had been given and gifted and offered and worked upon and worked and shaped and tooled and sculpted. And painted and abstracted and realised and put into practice and won and celebrated. Cheered for and prized and honored and sung and performed and brought to life and made alive and allowed to be alive allowed to breathe allowed to eat and invited in and entertained. And entertained and entertained and thought about and enjoyed. And enjoyed. And liked. And loved. She had been loved. By him. She had been loved by him. He had loved her. He still loved her. He would always love her. He was still loving her now. Even after all the passage of the time. He had loved her at the very beginning and now he loved at the very end. He loved her. Yes he loved her. And so he kissed her. He gave her a kiss. He gave her a big old smack right on her soft sweet lips.

* * * * *

Try this. Try this on for size. Sample this.

Taste this. This honey this product this production this film this show this adventure this story this action this gun this automatic machine gun this invention this intention this convention. This idea.

This thing. This happening this party this race this tournament this game this potato chip. This chip. Try this potato chip.

Try this puppy. Try this puppy and this puppy and this music and this song this composition this beast this monster this automobile this rocket. This land this country this lot this house this home this building this cabin this room this place.
This place. And this place and this place and this place and this traveling and this work and this work and this life and this life and this organization this body. This body.Try this body on for size. See how this body feels. And feels and feel and feels and feels and looks and tastes and sounds. And sounds. And sounds and sounds and sounds and goes down. This factory. Churning. And churning and churning and churning and churning. This job. Try this job on for size for grins for fun for the heck and the hell of it.

Try this one out. And try it and try it.

Try this kid out. Put this kid through the paces. Put this kid to the test. This kid and this kid and this chip and this body. And this body and body and body and blood and group of cells this creature this creation this body. This body and this body this body this rhythm this sequence this lineage this line this line of clothing this
This line of product.

This one product.

This one.

This honey. This money. This reality. This currency. This goods. These goods. These ones. These things. These. These cents. These ants electronics electrons nanos these particles these quarks these quirks these characterizations these characters these principles these players this team this club this group this company this platoon this army this outfit.

This bunch of misfits. This unit. These gloves. These babies. This movement. This traveling. And traveling and traveling and traveling and traveling and airplane this process this autopilot. This flying and flying and flying and flying and flying and flying and flying and flying and air and weather and weather and weather and weather and weather and clean air atmosphere world existence reality show.

This plot. This lot. This ground this territory this terrain. And this land and this land and this country. And this country and this country and this place and this place and this process and this factory. This fuel. This energy. This oil. And oil and oil and oil. This action. This pumping action. This grease. This lube. This gasoline. This fuel. And fuel and fuel and go juice. Go and go. This go go girl. This girl. This one.

This woman.

This creature.

This beast.

She the best.

She going and moving and working and dancing and singing and sounding.

* * * * *

She going.

And going and going. And going.

And going and living and dying and high fiving. And high fiving and fiving and fiving and fiving and fiving and tening and twentying and fiftying and onehundreding. And one hundredinging and counting and adding up and piling up and up and up. Up like a puppy. Up around the clock. Working around the clock. Working like a factory. Working automatically. Working on autopilot. Working like a pilot. Flying the airplane like a pilot. Pilotiing the airplane. Piloting the craft. Piloting the plot. Piloting the pilot. Piloting the show. The comedy the drama the death. Orchestrating it. Conducting it. Composing it and performing it. Playing it. And playing it. Playing the muisc. Playing the song. And playingit and playing it and playing andd playing like a broken record. Playing it andplaying it and playing it like a record like a recording like magic like totally cool like.

PLaying live. Doing it live. And live and live like live theater. Doing it without the net. Walking the tightrope without the net. Walking it and walking it and walking it. Walking a very fine fine rare line. Walking it and walking it with ease. Walking it and walking it and mastering it and walking it and working the crowd the numbers the tunes the songs the sounds the words. Working the vibrations. Working the energy. Working the world. Working the planet. Working the big picture. Working big. Working on a large scale.

Working like a machine.

Working. Working like a queen. Working like a president. Working like a working dog. Working like an actor. Working like a fisherman. Working the line. Working the floor. Working the space. And working it and working it. Working the paint on and around the canvas like an artist.

Working it like a master. And working it. Working it like an old pro. Working it automatically without even thinking about it.

Working it so smoothly and so enjoyably it was like playing.

The working was like playing.

The working and working was like playing to her.

It was like playing. And playing and playing and the fun be in the working and the looking and the acting and the eating and the dying. And the horror and the death and the blood and the guts and the war and the guns and the ammo and the stategy and the bullets whizzing and the bombs exploding and the fire burning. And burning and burning and burning.

* * * * *

Burning and burning and working.

And working.

And not whoring.

But instead working. Just working.

And working and working and working and not whoring and not whoring and not whoring and not dying and not dying and not dying but instead still plotting. And plotting and plotting and progressing ahead and moving forward and plodding along and making headway and making tracks.

And making tracks.

And making them and making them. She making them. And making them and making them and so she tracking. And tracking and tracking and tracking and tacking and trucking and trucking and trucking and shipping ands hipping and shipping andshipping and shipping and exploring and exporting and porting and porting and importing and trading.

And trading and trading and exchanging and changing.

And changing and growing.

And working. And working and working and walking and exercising and voting and voting and casting and acting and acting and fishing and fishing and fishing and fishing and banking and banking and bankiing and bankrolling and financing and plotting and building and building and reeling and realing and realing and realizing and fulfilling and filling orders.

And filling them and filling them and filing them and filing them and filing orders and carrying out orders and marching and marching in the trenches. Marching on the ground. Marching and walking.

And walking and walking and walking and getting physical and getting rough and getting dirty and getting down on the ground and getting and sweating and sweating and getting the heart pumping and pumping and the blood pumping and pumping and pumping and pumping and the oil and the fuel and the gasoline and the water pumping and pumping and pumping and the air pumping. Yes the air pumping. Pumping the air. And pumping it and priming it and working the ground and working the territory and working the land and working it and working it and doing the farming and doing the fishing and doing the hunting and doing the feeding and doing the grazing and doing the migrating slowly and steadily and permanently.

Doing the work and doing it and doing it. She doing it. He doing it. They doing it. And doing it and doing it and doing it and oding it and doing it and doing it and doing it and doing it and doing it. And they dying because of it. They dead because of it. They paying the price for the doing of the work. And paying it and paying it and paying it. They paying the price of their lives. They paying it and paying it and paying it and pyaing it. And paying it and playing it and playing it up and playing it full all it was worth. And playing it and playing it and playing it and playing it and playing it and playing it and playing it and plaing it and playing it andplaying it and playing it and playig it and playing it and playing it and dying with it and dead with it and dead and dead and gone and gone gone gone.

Long gone. Way gone. And gone and done for and cooked like a gooose and fried like an egg fried like bacon fried like french fries fried like chicken. And fired. And fired and on fire. And on fire. And burning and fueling and fanning the flames. Fueling the flames and fanning the flames. Fueling the fire. Letting the fire burn. And burn. Letting it burn on its own. On its own terms. Letting it do what it will. Letting it do what it would. Letting it go. Letting it go wild and grow wild. Letting it loose. Setting it free. And in so doing setting themselves free.

And free and working. Working the dying. Working the dead. Working the ghosts. Working the body. And working it and walking it. Taking it on walks. On long walks. They taking their bodies on long walks. Taking them and moving their bodies. Exercsing them. Putting them through the paces. Testing them. Trying them out for size and for fit and for feel.

Working their bodies. Working them out. Working them out outside. Working them out in the great out of doors. Working them out in the open spaces and the open places. Working them and the blood pumping and the heart pounding and the blood flwoing the air circulating through their lungs. It circulating and going around and around. They breathing the air in and out. And in and out and in and out their lungs pumping the air. Pumping the air. Their lungs pumping the air. And the legs moving and the arms moving the whole body moving.

They working. And working. They and it working. They working it. And it working them. And working them and moving them and transporting them and transporting them. Across enemy lines and across borders and fields and fiends and enemies and bandits and bankers and robbers and cops and bad guys and dirty girls.

Transporting them. Trucking them and shipping them and flying them and moving them and shipping them and walking them and waking them up and exercising them. The world exercising them. The world moving them. It moving the. And moving them and moving them. The spirits and the ghosts and the hauntings moving them.

Haunting them good. In a good and lasting and deep way. Deep. Deep down to their bones. Deep down to their core. Down to their corazon. Down to their heart. Down to the center the source the energy the everything the atom. Down to their atoms. Down to their cells. Down to their nuts and bolts.

Down to the ground. Down to the nitty and the gritty. Down to the grit. To the true grit. To the real stuff. To the stuff that really mattered. Down to the nothing. To the noting. And the notes of the music and of the bills of the currency of the money of the dollars and the cents and the sense and the scents and the smells and the scenes and lines words letters sounds and the touches and textures and the subtlties and the nuances and the accents and the spices and vices and the squads and the crimes and dirt and the grit and the grease and the grime and time and jail and pen and penitentiary. Down to doing the time in the prison.

Down to it.

All the way down.

Down down down.

Down to the six large.

The six thousand large and then the six million large.

Monkey Munney

If the words of this little sample taste of the one hundred or so pages of this eBook have moved you in any way perhaps you might wish to konsider making an inquiry of any kind direkted at the publisher at And Finally...Thank You. And Thank You And Again Thank You. So Much. Many Thanks. For Everything. Most Especially For The Stuff That Is Kalled Love.