He working. She playing. They dying. They now dead. They now done for. They now gone. Long gone. Gone gone gone.

They gone. And gone and gone. Gone over the edge. Gone crazy. Gone mad. Gopne nuts and bananas and berserk. Gone off the deep end. Gone wild. And gone wild and gone wild and gone wild wild wild. Gone for it. Gone for all the marbles. Gone for broke. Gone for good. Gone permanently. Gone forever.

Gone working. Gone fishing. And fishing and fishing and finishing and ending and ending. Gone dying. And dying and dying.

They gone dying. He and she. Gone. All the way gone. Gone for the sky. Gone for the win. Gone for the gold. They gone for the gold. They had went for the gold. They had went for it. They had went for the gold. They had bought the gold. They had bought it.

They had bit the dust.

They had crashed. They crashed. They were crashing. They crashing. And so they cashing. They cashing in. They cashing the check. The big check. They cashing. And cashing and cashing and cashing. They Johnny Cashing. They singing. They playing the guitar. They entertaining the audience. They funny. They funnying. They having fun. And having it and having it. Goning around and aorund in circles.

They landing and coming down and descending and sinking and sinking and getting down and down and dirty greasy grimy slimy messy and all shot up all shot to hell all killed all murdered all assassinated all coverer with blood.

They dead. Dead in the water. Floating upside down like dead fish. Capsized. Drowned. Dead. And hungry and starving and thirsty and wanting. And needing. And not having.


Not dead.

Yes alive. Again alive and well and working and thriving thrilling exciting executing orders. Working the way a river worked. Working and working and moving and moving. Constantly moving. With one single solitary purpose only always moving. Always on the go. Always in motion. Perpetually in motion moving and moving and living it up. And up and up to the very end.

Living it up. They living it up.

They loving it up.

She and he loving it up.

He loving her. Hank loving Alaska. Hank loving her and loving her and liking her and digging her really digging her enjoying the heck out of her and having fun with her having the time of their life. He living with her. He coming to life with her coming to grips with her touching her and holding her in his arms.

He erupting with her.

He blowing off steam with her. Venting. Releasing built up energy with her.

He looking at her.

And looking at her and looking at her and hodling her hand and walking with her and traveling with her. Doing everything with her. Working with her. And working for her. Working because of her. Working because he loved her. Working because he was now seeing her and seeing her very clearly. Seeing her for who she really was. Seeiing her for the fine fine woman that she was. That she be.

Yes she be. O she be. And she be and be. She be on his mind. She be in his heart. She be in his sight in his grasp in his arms. And they dancing and dancing and doing the tango and so tangoing. And tangoing and tangoing. They going with the tango. They moving with the tango. They moving by tangoing. And tangoing and tangoing and going and tangoing and working and tangoing. And occasionally waltzing and then rumbaing some. But mostly for now tangoing.

Monkey Munney

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