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Are you working
It a simple qustion yes or no.
Yes. yes am working. no it is working. I do nothign. I stay out of the way as best I can

are you....

do you...

canyou yes
can you no
yes ye you like to dance

do you like to dance

are you jac"

are you linda

are you hank
are you alaskas

are yo happy

aer you worried

do you worry
no not much I try not to.

adll done. work house careerr life family kids travels playing music all done. aAnd done and done

what you do

what yo do
what do you do Hank

What do you do Hank?
Work. I work.

How about you Alaska. What do you do?
Nothing. Stay out of the way. Keep a low profile. Let the axctors do the talking. Let the work do the talking. Lwet he work speak for itself. Let the work sppeak. Let the work sing.

Where do you live hankkkk

How aobu tyou Hack. Wher do you live.
Huh? I dont understand the question

dhow much money do you make
Money? What is that?

What do you do, one asked.
What do YOU do? came the reply.
work. I work. Let us work.
pheasants elt su shoo some pheasant.

That right msiter. You really hank green?
ayup. That would be me. at your service. front and center.

Monkey Munney

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