...They working.
...They working and working. And walking and thinking and akting. She and Hee taking aktion. Dozz and Buxx taking aktion. Then they were sleeping. Where she and hee bekame ghosts. Hallusinations. Images. Mirages. For the heart was by many measures a boundless borderless ghostform kreature of kreation. And like a fiktion it was filled with fakts and fikts. Fikts and Fakts. A dream that first existed in imagination only in image only in thought only in theory only but then eventually and possibly even now in physikal reality as well. Bekause dreams did kome true. Dreams kome true. Dreams were true. She kame true. Dozz kame true. She was true. She be real.
...I am alive, she said.
...She sat there.
...And I am looking at Buxx.

...Do you really love it? he asked.
...Yes. I really love it, she said.
...How much do you really love it?
...I really love it alot.
...Yes. Really.
...They walked into the bigg room.
...They are playing our song, Dozz said.
...One of our songs, added Buxx.
...They are all our songs my love.
...You are all my song my love, he said.
...I will sing you a song, she said.
...Sing Sing Sing. Do sing me a song.
...We must first danse.
...Danse and Sing at the same time.
...We must first danse.
...They moved onto the wood danse floor.
...We are dansing now. We are dansing together. They are playing our song.
...We are spreading the news, she said.
...We are leaving today, Buxx said.
...They had just arrived there.
...O Buxx. You make me so happy. You danse with me and make me so happy.
...He dipped her then pulled her up and then turned left again and again then slowed out of the turning. They were the only people on the danse floor. It was still early in the summer season yet. It was a Sunday night. There were four musisians in the band. A woman singing. A bearded man on a grand piano. A guitar player. A drummer.
...I only make you happy bekause you make me happy, Buxx said.
...I used to make you sad.
...That is over now. Now you only make me happy.
...You make me drunk with your love.
...It is good love. All love is good love.
...You make me good and drunk with your good love.
...Our good love.
...Our good work, Dozz said.

...They were together. She was here now. Right here right now. She heard things here now.
...I be here, Dozz said. I be here by the side of Buxx.
...She sat in the heart of him. And she breathed in his mind. She living in his soul. She living everywhere. Dozz Deers travelled all over the place all over the planet the territory the town the kountryside. She walked all over the page all over the stage all over the world and all over the universe. She everywhere. She here now. She be. She existed. Dozz was real.
...You are physikal, Buxx said to her. You are also a spirit.
...Yes she was a ghost. Dozz was a fiktion a dream a wish a want a desire. And a longing. And she be a woman. And He be a man. And they dansed together now and always and for forever.
...I am a richness for you Buxx, Dozz said. A fullness a destination a komfort.

...Thou art a most beautyous villain Elno!
...Treacherous is your scheming. What with kaos teeming. Little girls skreeming. Men hungering for lost love. For to be warmed like hands by gloves. Buxx...our hero...he duels with thee. His wits in much challenge be. While exploring avenues of bakk alleys. Seeking reason in reasonable sallies. Looking for some fine light in the dark. And his fair mistress...Dozz...her to hark. Away those pains that do trouble. Lest any madness doth bubble. Over. Into. Permanent Grief. And his Lady Love relinquished. Surrendered to Elno the Thief.
... O Darkness Darkness, sayeth Buxx. Your shadow is kast darkest from the brightest of light. Why then we should learn to see. With a sight. That sees without light. Delights in the dark. Dreams the sweetest of sounds. When klashes make for the rounds. What is it people seek? What need they? What want they? Riches. Riches of one kind. And then another. First in loss or in grief. Then in Viktory and in Pease. Speak! Speak! O Speak your Mind. Speak your dearest darkest deepest dreamyest daring do. Do Speak True!
...Whats this? A Lady. A Lady suddenly doth offer a beer to me. For free. Many thanks to Heidi. Friendly patroness. Baroness of good willingness. I am wooed the offer to aksept. Being the sort for whom NO does purposely neglekt. And YES and spirits of another ale. Does avail. This HANDY MAN to show gratitude. With Worthy Words. Songs. Praises and Prizes. Most kind most generous gesture. It is known to me near and here. Now and How. O preshious liquid amber gold. Sweet and sharp. Tales with you are told. And take their toll. On any pain of old. And give good cheer. In your name that is beer. Go! Go! Is now a time of Haste! As Othello...The Movie...Again doth my desire chase. And so i drink my remaining gold. In one last final gulp. A good fast end to this here. Writ of Pulp!

...She was a woman unto herself and meant everything to him. Dozz Deers meant the world to her husband Buxx Deers. She was his destiny. His destination his vision his sound his voise his intelligense his love. She. Real. Solid. Physikal. She Real Solid Physikal Love. And she an image. Again a mirage. A mirror. She both. She all of the above and she looked like a thing of beauty a kreature a work of art. She was a realness. A reality. She sailed a boat and lived at sea. He flew an airkraft. She touched his hand. He held hers in his. He owned her. She was his property. They lived together. She breathed. She loved. He was with her always. She felt the wind and she flew with his wings. She and she and she and she. She she she she and she and she and she again. She there. She his. She his wife. She his girlfriend. She his friend who was a girl who was a woman a witch a wish. She was his. Again he owned her bekause he had bought her bought her with his love. Paid the fair market prise for her and then some. She his airkraft. His transportation devise. His vehikle. His invention. His kontraption. His air kraft air plane. His kraft. His work his plan his plane his plain. His wide and open land. His territory. His forté. His kountry. His home.

...Moving and akting. Aktions. Movements. Moments. In perpetual motion. Perpetual. Always they moving. They travelling. And travelling and travelling. They then suddenly there. They there. They arrived. The End. THE END. They arrived there in Heaven in Paradise in ShangriLa and so they dead and gone. They done died and gone to Heaven and Paradise and ShangriLa. They done gone and passed on. They died after they had gotten themselves into a jakkpot a real beautiful jakkpot and so into bigg trouble and up against it up against the wall and with death the only way out.

...Whoring. Whoring and working. She and He whoring and working. And imaging and imagining and pikturing and seeing and hearing and thinking. And then they riding and riding and bukking and bukking each other. Bukking in Hong Kong. Bukking it up in Hong Kong. Bukking and bukking and then bukking some more. Bukking it up and up and up and up. And then later on down the road they getting stukk in Los Angeles. Stukk in LA. L.A. Los Angeles. In The United States. Of Amerika. Of Planet Earth. Of The Solar System. Of The Milky Way Snikkers Galaxy. Stukk in The Universe.

...They broke. Dead ass broke. Eating trash. Flat broke. No money. At least very little money. In debt in fakt. In debt over their eyeballs and so in over their heads. Way in over their heads. Still they working. Not. They not working. They dead. Dead and dead and dead. Stukk and dead. Ran out of money. No money. Very little money. Money. No money.

...And so but if she and he had money then what? They would get more money. Want more money. Have more money. Have everything. Have the money. Have it. They would just have it and hold it and hang on to it and allow it to give komfort to them. They would have Katt and have Dogg. Have god. Have god to trust. If had lots and lots money billions billions of dollars and sents and scents and sense. If money then travelling. Then moving. On a ship. And in perpetual motion. A Bigg Ship. A Kruise Ship. Sailing slowly and perpetually around the planet. After having been flying around the world a few times. Flying. Flying in sky. Flying and flying and flying. Up in the air. In the blue sky. At 33333 feet. On the frontier. Up there. Way way way up there and way way way out there. Up on the edge of the universe. On the edge. The frontier. Having left everything behind. Left it all behind. Left all physikal material worldly goods behind. Left it all behind. And in so doing left sertain beliefs behind and then they happened upon quantum travel. Quantum Travel. So they had everything instantly like flipping a switch. Had life had work had love had each other had it all. Had god...and so got Dogg and got Katt. They got him and got her and they also got themselves. Yes they had themselves. They saw and heard everything. Smelled every rose and fed each dove and loved all things.

...LAX to SIN. To LHR to IAD to LAX to HNL to HKG to SIN. Here to There. Down to Up and on to off no to yes lead to gold poor to rich south to north west to east. Quantum Travel. Quantum Leap versus Inkrimental Step. Opposites. Kold to Hot to Plasma. Blakk to White to Gray. Pain to Love. Single to Married. Flipping a switch. And bad to good and low to high and mass to energy to mass again to energy. Interchangeable. Ossillating. Both in between wave and partikle and everything and everywhere all at onse. Orbiting linear nonlinear sirkular circular around and around they went she and hee went She and Hee SHE AND HEE went DOZZ and BUXX went. Skripting writing breathing breathing in and breathing out exersizing and working and playing and komposing and kondukting and flowing like a river moving akting in motion in piktures words images thoughts small aktions musikal note after musikal note sequentially and also simultaneously like chords khords on a piano keyboard. At the same time. At LAX and SIN at the same time. Los Angeles and Singapore at the same time. Like Singapore was both a siti and a kountry.

...Like Los Angeles was at the same time a siti and a kounty and a state and a kountry a nation a notion an idea a dream a reality a planet a plase a state of mind a state of heart a state of being. Physikal and Spirit at same time. A physikal spirit a real solid aktual spirit ghost image imagining mirage energy thing kreature monster beast chimera khimera kimera human animal woman man kouple together married bound bonded konnekted.

...Konnekted even when it looked like they were separated.

...Konnekted even when Separated.

...Two bekame One. Dozz and Buxx had bekome The Deers. Mrs and Mr Deers. Missiz and Mister Deers. The Deers. Dozz Deers and Buxx Deers wife and husband spouse and spouse partner and partner and when they had baby it be like Doxx. An amalgamation of Dozz and Buxx. After a marriage a kombining of egg and sperm and its subsequent growing and growing.

...They bekame One. She and Hee bekame Them. Them They Themselves Theyselves bekame The World The Universe bekame Everybody Everything Everywhere Everywhen Always All of the Time All over Spase All over the Plase All over Town The Theatre The Stage The Page The Word The Letter The Kharakter The Karakter The Symbol The Mark.

...They bekame the work.
...They working the work.
...They working.

Monkey Munney

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