...They working. They still working. And working and working and working.
...They always working.

...They working now. They working on it. And working on it and working on it. They working on the book. They working on the bank. They working on the akkount. They working on the thing. They working on the beast. They working on the monster hot rod. They working on the auto mobile. They working on the kar. They working on it.
...She and Hee working on it. They working on it as a team. They always working on it. They now working on it now. They working on the thing. They working on it. They working on each other. They working on each others nerves. They working on the nerves of each other. They working like doktors work. They working like surgeons. They working like kardiologists. They working like krazy. They working like konduktors. They working like mad. They working like mad people. Like a mad woman and a mad man. Hee working like a madman. Like a handyman. Like a happy man. A happyman. Hee working.
...Hee working like a madman on Her. Working like a charm. Working like a champ. Like a champion. Working and working and working. Working like an oil rig. Pumping and pumping and pumping the oil. Pumping and pumping and pumping the words. The work. Pumping and pumping and pumping the work. Pumping and pumping and pumping the blood. The liquid. The air.

...They working it. They pumping it. They pumping the water pumping the kurrent pumping the kurrensy pumping the elektrisiti the exsitement the football hyping it hypertexting it building it up and up and up and up. They building it up. They building it. They kreating it. They making it. They making it up. They making it up as they went along. They doing it as they spoke. They doing it in the moment. They doing it now. They doing it instantaneously. They doing it instantaneously in Istanbul. They working it in Istanbul. They working the thing there. They working the musik. They working the notes. Working the notes of the musik. Working them and working them and working them. They working the water and the oil and the blood. And the heart. They working the heart. They working the love. They working the heart out. They working their hearts out and their butts off and their bodies good. They working the street. They working the trade. They plying their trade. They plying the trade. They doing the work. They doing it.
...And doing it and doing it and doing it. They doing the deed. They doing the good deed.

...Indeed they be doing the good deed. In deed they be doing the deed. In aktuality they be doing the deed doing the title writing the title filing the title akkepting the title signing the title loving the title holding the title. They be doing it. In theory they be doing it. In theory they be doing the work. The working. And the working and working and working. They be doing it. They be doing the dung. They be making the dung. Making the krap. Taking a dump. Dumping. They be dumping. Downloading. Downloading the krap all the krap all the stuff all the matter all the material all the organik material matter all the good stuff the natural stuff the real stuff the stinking stinky stuff the hard stuff the Rated R stuff the adult stuff the major league stuff the smelly stuff as well as the fluff stuff. The fun stuff. The free stuff.
...The easy stuff. They be working with the free stuff. They be working with it. She and Hee working with it. With the money. They working with the money. They working with the sense of the dollars and sents. And working with the sense of the sentenses. And the scents of the sentenses too. The smell of them. The scents of them. And the sents and dollars of them. They working the cents of the scents. The price of them. The kost of them.
...They working with the money. They handling it. They handling it with ease. Komplete and total ease. Like there was nothing to it. Like it was nothing. Like it was air. So that it was everywhere. Everywhere. The money was everywhere. It was in the air. The money was in the air.

...The money was air. It was air. It was like air. The money was the air. And the air was the money. The air was the valuable thing. The air was it. It was it. And the air was everywhere. They were breathing it. They were breathing in the air. She and Hee were. Wild Maria and Doktor Tango were. Alaska and Hank also were. They were. They were breathing in the air. They were taking it in. They were taking it in and then letting it out. Letting it go. They were letting themselves breathe. They were allowing themselves to breathe.
...They giving themselves permission to live to love to work to not work to play to pay. To pay the bills. To pay them. To pay the people. To pay them their dues. Pay them their money. Pay them their respekts. Pay them a visit. Pay them off. Pay them their effing damn money. Pay them it. Give it to them. They gave themselves permission to do it. They gave themselves the mission to do it. The goal to do it. And so they did do it. They paid them off. They paid the people. They paid the kidnappers off. They paid the thugs off. They paid the pirates off. They paid the poor people off. They paid the workers their wages. They paid them. They paid them well. They paid them handsomely. They paid a handsome ransom to the pirates in order to have their love in order to possess and own and touch and taste it and savor it and enjoy it and like it and love it. They paid in order to love their love. They paid so that they kould be alone with their love. So that they kould be alone with each other. So that they kould live in peace and in harmony and in Singapore and in Paris and in Istanbul and in India and in Indiana.
...They paid. They paid the prise. They paid the prise for the sukkess. They did the work. They did it. She and Hee did it. They all did it. All the shes and all the hees. They did it. They did the work. They did it and did it and did it. They did it fast. They did it slow. They did it high. They did it low.
...They made it. They reached the goal. The reached the end of the line. They arrived at their destination. They fulfilled their destiny. They did their jobs. They fulfilled their purpose. They kompleted the kontrakt that they had with Dogg. With The World. With each other. They lived up to their promise. They kept their word. They were good for their word. They did what they had said they would do. They did the work that they said they would do. They did it exaktly as it was proposed. As it was first initially projekted. As it was written. As it was imagined to be. Seen to be. Thought to be. Envisioned to be. Felt to be.

...They did the work exaktly as it was written. They performed the work exaktly. Exaktly as it was konseived to be. They did the work. She and Hee did the work. They did the singing. They did the telling. They did all the telling that there was to tell. They did it all. They paid it all. They paid the whole thing off. They paid the whole bill. They paid the full prise. The full retail prise. The market prise the going rate they paid it and paid it and then paid it again and again they paid it and paid it and paid the whole bill paid the money paid the hundreds of dollars the thousands the hundreds of thousands the millions the billions the trillions and gazillions of dollars. The Godzillas. The Godzillions. The Bazillions. The Baboons. The Brazilians. The Apes. The orangutans The pirates the people the gorillas and the guerrillas and soldiers and enemy opposition the kidnappers. They paid them the money. They gave them the money. They gave it to them. They let them have it. All of it. To let them deal with it. Kount it and have it and use and deposit it and guard it and keep it and savor it and sample it and horde it and bury it and stash it and hide it and fret about it and worry about it. Spend all this time and effort working with it and dealing with it and handling it and not handling it. They paid the wages. They paid the paychecks. They kut the paychecks. They kut the checks. They wrote them. They signed them. They sent them out and off into the world. They sent them in the mail. They bid the checks adieu. They bid the money goodbye. They told the money goodbye. They told the money off. They told it to take a hike to get lost to find a new line of work to find a new job a new sukker a new viktim a new student a new rookie to bug and bother and pester and pain.

...They told it to go away. To take a break to take a breather to give it a rest to take a vakation to go on a vakation already. They told the stuff goodbye. They sold the money. They sold the dollars. They sold the bills. They sold the kurrensy. They sold the so old stuff the so primitive stuff the so mundane stuff the so ugly stuff the so evil stuff rotten and moldy and diseased and spoiled and bad and nasty and negative and not nice stuff. They got rid of it. They sold it all. They threw it away. They burned it. They forgot about it on purpose they forgot about it and instead remembered the honey and the gold and the heart and the hearth and the heat and the work and the life and the living and loving and being and klimbing trees and klimbing mountains and seeing the stars in the night sky and in the day sky too.
...They got rid of the money. Rid of the resistanse got rid of the dis-ease rid of the bug the bakteria the virus the little shit the pests the dollars the atoms. They got rid of them. They threw them out. They trashed them. They published them. They made them publik. They gave them to the polise. They gave them away. They sent them away. They sent them pakking. They sent the dollars pakking. They sent them on a trip. She and Hee sent the money on a trip. A long trip. A very long trip. They sent them away forever for good for the good of all all for the best all for the kommmon good for the benefit of everybody for the benefit of Katt and Dogg, Kate and Doug, Jane and John, Jill and Jakk, Judy and Jimmy, Julie and Jeff, Judge and Jury and Exekutioner, for you and for me, for her and for him. For them. For them people. Them people over there. And these people right here. They sent the monies on a trip. They sent the monies to the moon. They sent them up in smoke. They sent the monies up in smoke signals. They sent them up the chimney. Sent them up the smoke stakk. Sent them up in the air. Made the monies go away. Made them disappear. Made the monies disappear like magik. Made them mad. They made the monies mad. They made the monies people mad. They made the monies like mad. She and Hee made the monies like mad. They made them like water. They made them like it was nothing to make them. They made them like it was easy to make them. They made them like it was so easy. They made them simple real simple as simple as Simon as simple as Susan Suzy Suzy Q as simple as a ranch as a horse as a kow as a dogg as a katt as a pig as an animal as a chikken as an egg. They made them simple. They simply made them. They simply made the monies. They simply did it. They just did it. They just made it. They just made it themselves. They just did everything themselves. They just did it all by themselves. They did it independently of any outside influence.
...They just kranked the krap out of the monies. They just shit the shit out. They just moneyed the monies out. They just worked them out. They just figured them out. They just figured them out just now just right now just this very sekond. They just did it right now. They just did the figuring right now. See. They just did it again. She and Hee just figured the monies out right now. They just kounted them out. They just wrote them off. They just forgot about them. They just blew them off. They just blew the monies off. They just blew them off into the wind into the surrounding air as if they were dust nothing but dust nothing but tiny particles worthless and inconsequential. They just blew them off and they blew away with the wind. She and he just blew the monies off and the monies blew away with the wind. And in the monies plase in walked Mona and Monique. And Mary. And Maria. And Mike and Sammy.
...They just blew the monies off. They just forgot about the physikal about material matters about atoms about the old physiks. They just forgot about the physiks of the old physiks. They just threw the old physiks out the window. And in their plase in walked this whole new kind of physiks. This whole new sort of physiks. This whole new sort of way of looking at things and thinking about things and experiensing things. This whole new way. This whole new set of laws and prinsiples and praktises and possibilities and abilities and finanses and fine danses and fine wines and fine times good times and great plases. Great People. Great Beings. Human Beings. Women and Men. Girls and Boyss. Adults and Kids.

...This whole new kode. This whole new kode of kondukt konduktion energy. Kode of induktion. Kode of komposing the musik and then of kondukting an orchestra kondukting a symphony. This whole new kode of behavior. This whole new set of prinsiples. This whole new day. This whole new way to play. This whole new way to play musik and make musik. To make love. To make haste. To make trakks. To make money. To make honey. To travel. To make dreams kome true. To make magik. To make magik happen. To make people happy. To make every body happy. To make all parties konserned happy. To make things right and just and korrekt and as they should be as they were supposed to be meant to be designed to be. Thought to be.
...This whole new way. This whole new way to walk to work to be to exist to explore to leave to go away to travel to fly to drive to sit to sleep to dream. In walked this whole new way to walk. By getting rid of all the pain and all the fear in walked all the love and all the life. All the wives and all the husbands. All the people. All the mass of the masses. All the mass of humanity. All the good stuff the great stuff the great matter the great material the good monies and no more of the bad monies the bad debt just now the good debt and the good bukks and the good does and the good buddies and the high fives and the low fives and high balls and the low balls and the fast balls and the base ball games and the fun the good fun of the good guns the bigg guns the kanons and the monsters and the good woman and the good man and the good dogg and the bigg dogg and the happy dogg and the working dogg and the nise dogg and the funny dogg the funny happy free dogg the hot dogg the hottdogg and the hamburger and the French fries and the German sauerkraut and the German Frauleins and the good long lines and the krowds and the hubbub and the scene and seeing the scene and being in the scene being a part of the scene a part of the pikture a part of the show a part of the akt a part of the exsitement a part of the happiness a part of the fine fun and a part of the Russian Roulette the Russian Danse this Russian Romanse.
...In walked all this stuff. In walked all this money. All these rich people. All these rich karakters. All these pioneers. And explorers. Astronauts and Astronomers and Astrophysisists and Doktors and Dentists and Gold Diggers and Miners. All these first timers. All these old gold miners. All these first drafts. All these charters. Winners Whiners Winos Sinners Saints People Personas Aktors Bodies Bods Modes Methods. Angles and fasets and diamonds and breakthroughs. All these things. All this stuff. All this matter. All these atoms. All these ants. And aunts and unkles and kousins, brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers. All this one big happy family. All this one big happy happening. This one big happy apple happening whole whirlwind world swirling about in this very real wikked wild wind.

...All these happy katts milling about. Happy and fat katts. With big wigs. And hot shots. And kold shouts over warm shoulders. All these happy Katts and Happy Doggs. Kitty Katts and Hot Diggetty Doggs. Milling and mulling about and swigging and swirling their koktail drinks and talking and telling and thinking and figuring and maneuvering and strategizing and stargazing and staring into each others fases and eyes and relating and dating and dining eating feasting all while still working.

...And working and working and working.

...Dear David. Dear Good Man. Dear Sir. Dear Dogg. Dear Fellow Dogg. Dear Fine Fellow. Dear Friend. Dear Fiend. Dear Enemy. Dear Al. Dear Elno. Dear Evel. Knievel. Dear Evil. Dear Devil. It was working. It be working. It working. This is working. This working. This work is working. This kind of work is working. Working beautifully. Working and working and working. Busy working.

...This kind of work is working. Working as planned. Working as designed. Working independently. Working by itself. Working automatikally. Working alone. Standing alone. Working and working and walking and walking. Walking alone. And then walking together. They walking together. She and Hee walking together after working together. Walking and talking and agreeing and feeling and not fleeing nor fleecing but rather winning and winning and growing and gaining and going up. And up and up and up way up high up way high up and up and up yes up yes and yes and yes and yes up. Yes and there and done and over and through and finished and komplete and whole and down and down and down into the how now brown kow white fluffy goose down. Down into it. Down into the down. Down into the good goose down. Down into the goose. Down into it. Into the goose. The goose the goose the goose the good goose the good loose goose down and feathers. The good loose goose down. Soft and fluffy and puffy and warm and sweet and kommforting and rich and luxurious and and and this and that and and then this and this and this and this and then this and O this too this here and that there and that there too and this one and that one and this one over there and that one too and that one and this one and this and her too and this one and him too put him in work him in and work him out and work her out nonstop out out spying and flying to Russia and to Asia and to Australia and to Amerika and Argentina and Afrika and Alaska and Hawaii by way of Honolulu. Going nonstop konntinuously. Going and going and being and not stopping but keeping on going and going going on forever and ever and ever on into eternity on into the blakkness on into the blakkhole going into it and into it into the blakkness into the darkness the darkness into it entering it and then suddenly into it and into all the way into it and into it. All the way in. All the way in. Hee all the way in to Her. Hee all the way in to It. Hee all the way in. Hee in. Hee be in. Hee be in to it. Hee be in to the sukkess. Hee be in to the klear. They be in to it. She and Hee be. Into the blakk inkk. Into the inkk. Into the inkorporated korporation. Into the kompany. The kompany of masters. Into the kompany the army into the organization into the system. In the door. All the way in. They in. They in the door. They had broken in. They had penetrated the building. They had found their way in. Found their way in through the front door. They had just walked right in in plain sight. They just walked right in as if they owned the joint because in fakt they did own the joint and nobody else knew it. Only they knew it. Only they knew that they owned it. That it was theirs. That they had the rights to it. To do what they wished with it. To fly it. And apply it and spy on it spy on the enemy and spy on the friend and spy on everybody else. Spy because that is what they did. That is what they did best. They spied. They spied on every body. They spied every body. They saw every body. They heard every body. They gathered information and intelligence on every body that they kame into kontakt with. So they were busy spying. And spying and working and spying. Busy working as spies. Busy working by spying. And spying and spying and spying. Spying while working in Russia. Spying while working. Spying while working in Kuba. Spying while vakationing in Istanbul. Spying while lying their way through armed checkpoints in Iraq .
...They spying on Dogg. They spying on him. She and Hee spying on Dogg. Dozz and Buxx and Alaska and Hank spying on Dogg. Spying on him and thinking like him and thinking about him and pretending to be him akting like him living like him thinking like he thought getting into his head. Getting to know him. And they getting to know in the process the world. They getting to know it. They getting to know the universe. They getting to know one another. Getting to meet. Fase to Face. So they meeting. And meeting and saying hello and inviting them in and feeding the world and making it komfortable and at home and at ease. They entertaining The World. They giving it a show. Giving the world something to talk about and to think about. Giving it some sort of show. Some sort of song and danse. They giving it all they got. They giving it all that they had. They giving it their all their best shot. They giving it a run for its monies. They giving it ghosts that haunted. They giving it everything including the kitchen sink.

Monkey Munney

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