...Money money money.
...Dollars and dollars and dolls and dolls and guys. Dames and dudes. They saw them. She and he saw the dollars. They held the dollars. Alaska Black and Hank Sanders held the dollars in their hands. Al held them in his too. They all held them. And held them and smelled them and touched them and handled them and fingered them and counted them. He counted them. Al counted the dollars he had in his hands. And counted them and counted them. He counted the many United States dollar bills that he held in his hands. He counted the bills. The dollar bills. The money the honey the currency. He counted it. He counted the money. He counted on it. He relied on it. Depended on it. Banked on it. He banked on the money. Al banked on it. He banked on the bank. He counted on the bank. He counted on the money. He counted on the money that was in the bank. He was banking on it. He be banking on the backing of the bank. It piled up. He plied the pile of money. He plied the trade with the pile of money. He plied it with it. He plied it. He applied it. He applied the money to the mess. He put the money to work. He put it to work. He moved it. He moved the money. He moved it around. He moved the money around. Al moved the money around. He moved it. He moved the money. He grew it. He cultivated it. He grew the money. He watered the money. He tended to it. He was working on growing it. And growing it and growing it and moving it and counting on it and depositing it and using it and spending it and giving it away and trashing it and throwing it away and getting rid of it. Tossing it out and pitching it. He pitching it and throwing it away. Printing it.
...Hank printing the money as well.
...He printing the currency. He printing it and using it and saving it. And stocking it and piling it up. Stockpiling it. So it piling up. Piling and piling and building and building. It building up. It growing. It piling up. It banking up. He moving it. It moving. The money moving. It was moving. The money was moving. It moving. It flowing. The cash flowing. And flowing and flowing. It emotionally moving. It lovely. It beautiful. It e-moting. It showing emotion. It showing it. It showing itself. The money showing itself. It showing up. It appearing. It manifesting. It moving. Then it not moving. It sinking. It not piling up. It piling down. It dwindling down. Down and down and down. Soon it gone. It all gone. The cash all gone. It all gone. It gone. The money gone. It spent. It robbed. It been robbed. It been stolen. It been taken. It gone. Gone and gone and gone.
...The money gone. The cash gone. All gone. All spent. All used up. All given away. All material gone. All material goods sold. All given away. All gotten rid of. All eliminated. All material goods gone. They all gone. All physicality gone. It all gone and gone.
...It all eliminated. All assassinated. All killed. All done away with. They all gone. The dollars all gone. The bills all gone. They all done for and done in and killed and passed on and sent packing. They sent on their way. They sent overseas. They sent travelling. They sent flying. They sent away. They sent spying. In order to work on a spy mission. They sent to the moon. They gone to the moon. The bills gone to the moon. They gone up in smoke. They burned up. They torched. They gone. They gone up in smoke. And up in flames. The dollar bills gone up in flames. They gone up. And gone up and up and up.
...The money gone up in smoke.
...The cash gone up in flames.
...It gone.
...All gone.
...Done gone. Done gone on and on. Done passed away. Done gone to the grave. Done gone on by going off and upping and dying on everyone.

Monkey Munney

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