They living.

And loving. She loving him and he loving her.

And they dancing and tangoing and singing and feeling and moving and exploring and experimenting and playing and parlaying and plying and spying. Booking and cooking and and heating up and boiling and toiling and sweating and working and pumping the blood and pumping it and then now suddenly the blood pumping itself.

The blood flowing like the water of a river. Flowing and flowing and the feelings flowing and then everything they she and he in each other's arms flowing. They whirling and twirling and spinning and winning and huffing and puffing and moving to the music and the music then moving them and getting to them and into them into their blood. Into their hearts. Into their bones. The music getting to them. It getting into them.

It all getting into their bones. The love the work the music the everything doing it. Getting in. Seeping in. Soaking in.

The notes of the music flowing into deep into their bones. Flowing in and then now they in all the way in. The notes in. And the love now in their bones. And in them and residing and settling in and living. It was in. The love was in. It was there. There working on them on her and him. It there doing its work. Keeping their blood pumping. Pumping and pumping and their hearts pounding and beating and the blood flowing through their veins and through their arteries. Swirling and circulating like the river.

Traveling downhill.

Working on them.

So that they were singing. And sounding and voicing and vibrating and oscillating and broadcasting and transmitting and emitting and radiating light and heat and energy. Radiating it and giving it off. So that they shining like the sun. Shining all day and all night. They glowing like the sun. Burning like the sun.

They burning and they blazing.

They alive and hot and on fire like the sun. Hot and happening and happy and feeling good and feeling fine high on life and feeling fantastic feeling like fine wine and like fine art and feeling like they were having a fine time. The life and she and he having a fine time and a fine line. All while it working on her and him playing them like a nice fine fiddle. The life playing them. Playing them and moving them. It moving them. The life and the love moving them. And moving them and working them and playing them and so they dancing. Tangoing and waltzing and rumbaing.

They moving.

The moving moving them. It moving them. And moving them and so they moving and dancing and feeling and just moving and moving and the feelings flowing and the love flowing and the blood flowing and moving like a freighttrain. Moving instinctively and automatically and naturally and constantly and forcefully.


And all the way.

Again. Again all the way. Always all the way. Now all the way. They now all the way. Loving all the way. Living it up all the way.

Up. So high up. Way up. Way way way up. All the way up. All the way there. There. And there and there and there. They there. They all the way there. They there.

And there.


All the way.

Just there.

And free and alive and hot and on fire and blazing and burning like the sun. They burning. They hot. They on fire. Flames leaping and licking the air. Licking and licking and licking it. Licking the air. So they liking the licking of it and then loving the licking on it. Loving the burning. Loving the everything. And loving life. Loving each other. She and he loving one another. She loving him and he loving her.

He loving her all over the world. All around the world. Loving her and loving her.

He loving her. All. The. Way.




Monkey Munney

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