Working. And working. It and they always working.

At seven oclock at night they working.

On y on y on.

One two three four five six seven eight nine ten.

They there and there and there.

And there and there and there.

They there y they there y there.

Ellos aqui y todos aqui y aqui.

Todos aqui y todos aqui y aqui.

All here and all here and here.

She here y here y she here.

Romance heart music nominal y y y.

And and and and and.

One act and one act act act.

Kiss once twice y twice again. Long long long.

And kiss y kiss. And do it long.

They up y up y up. Y up.

Ellos arriba y up y arriba y abajo y down.

Todos aqui y todos aqui y aqui.

All music all good all them all it all there.

She and he dancing then on a big dance floor.

She y he working then on a big big space.

Working walking doing joining seeing signing dying.

And and and and and.

Y y y and y and and and.

They up they up they up.

Perfume smell y smell y wafts y drifts.

Life death work money middle. Y mid.

Nice Polo perfume smell y y y smell.

Mid middle body mid y mid y mid.

Do doe and do doe. Do doe y do doe.

Monkey Munney

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