Two clowns.

Ten clowns.

Twentyone clowns.

Three thousand clowns.

Now be. Right then be. In town. In that town. In this town.
Getting down. Getting their work down. Getting their work to an art down. Getting their horsing around...

Down to the ground. Entertaining by dancing and singing. And funning and fooling around. What with balloons popping. Smiling wide downtown in the big city. The big bad old city. Smiling so wide in the big Big City.

The crowd they was laughing. At the bright and sunny fun. Smiling so. In the city all the way downtown. However. Then. A little while later. These clowns out they do go out they do motor an old dusty dirt road out and about around out in the country. Soon riding some big fine ponies. To a local loco real live rowdy rodeo.

Where cowboys were cowboying it up as wild as all the west. And cowgirls. All nice. In their best dress.

All like done up like sweet like peaches.

They be a cowgirling. Their long hair all about in a little mild fall autumn wind.

A swirling.

A twirling.

A unfurling.

While sitting astride them good horses that around these big racing barrels go a.


Monkey Munney

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