Loving it. Loving her. He loving her. He loving it and loving her. And loving her and loving her and loving her. Loving whores and hookers and hoofers and dancers and models and singers and actresses and artists and accountants and bankers and bookies and politicos and presidents. Loving them all. Peasants to kings to queens and everything in between. Loving Alaska and Alice and Al and Allanah and Elno and Hank and Wendy. Loving the sounds the mjuisc the noise the grit the grime and crime and streets of Los Angeles. The end of Los Angeles. The end of Los Angeles. The apocalypse of it. Empty of human life with structures still standing and this wind blowing. Blowing trash about. Blowing it here and there swirling sometimes. Sometimes not. Just blowing. Blowing through the emptiness the gray blackness. A place best not to venture into. Best left to the imagination. Best left be left untouched. Left alone. Left as is. Loving teh bleakness of the image. The desolation. The bleakness and desolation and darkheartedness of it. Menacing uninviting threatening deadly dangerous cold diseaseridden filthy crimeinfested. The city. The City. The Country. The land. The people the love the heart the cardiologist the doctor the philosopher the musician the clown...in town...getting down...and dancing boogying grooving moving funning laughing. The clown clowning around downtown in the city. And then out in the country at the local rodeo. The rodeo. Out on the road at the rodeo. The bum the hobo the ghost the vampire teh wolf teh bunny the rabbit the pistol the wild west the cowboys cowboying it up. The wide open spaces and e3ndless skies of The West. Of Texas. And of New Mexico and Old Mexico and Arizona and Nevada and Idaho and Montana. The West. The wild West. The wild wild West. The wild Wild West. The best. The beast and monsters. The banks and the bankers, the financiers adn business people, the money makers and movers and shakers. The billionaires and real estate moguls the enemy the opposition the resistance the underground the allies the Germans. The war. The fighting and the battles. The struggle. For survival. Of the fittest. The strongest the best the toughest the tests the many measures having it all having it loving it all loving life loving death loving pain and hunger and blood and guts and gore and bulls and balls and bullfighters and bullfighting and matadores and machines. bulls with balls. Wtih guts. Bulls with rage with fire burning inside of them looking for anything and everything to unleash it upon. Big black negro el toro bulls with fire and guts. Con fuego y sangre. With fire and blood. Hot blood. And a hot temper. Hot heat. Hot rods hot heads hot hearts. Big and bold and bloody thumping pumping alive living hearts. Magnificent and beautiful lovely hearts. Strong hearts.

Working. And working and working and working and walking and flying and flying and highflying and high flying and flying and flyiing and flying and then being there and being there and being there and being there and being there adn being set and being at ease and being comfortable and set and set and set and set and set and set and decided ands ettled and settled and settled and done and done and done and dead and finsihed and dead and in the grave and passed on. Still though working. And working andw orking andw orking. It working. And working and working and workinng and working andw orking and working and working and no whoring but working. And working and working and living and living and living adn loving it and loving it and loving it. They loving it. They really loving it. Really loving life. And loving it and loving it and loving it and really digging it reallly enjoying it. Just loving it. And loving it and loving it and not leaaaaving it. But rather instead just loving it and loving it and loving it and loving it and loving it. Loving everything about it. Loving the ride. enjoying the ride. Digging the ride. Loving it. Adn loving it and loving it and loving it. Loving it working upon them. They loving life working upon them. And working upon them and working upon them.

Monkey Munney

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