It working. And working and working and walking and walking. They walking. She and he walking and walking and looking and thinking and imagining and picturing and seeing and seeing and feeling and feeling and fleeing and running away and going and moving and moving and traveling around the world. They walking. She and he walking. The two of them walking. And walking and walking. They there then walking. And walking and walking and singing and walking and walking and wailing away and singing and belting it out. They belting it out. And out and out.

They working the money out. Working it out. The money there. It all worked out. The money there in their pcckets at their disposal. It there. The honey money there. They there. They there with the money. She and he there with it. And with it and with it.

They doing it. They belting it out. And out and out and out. They walking. They working. They vacating. They taking a vacation. They along for the ride. They riding. She and he living and loving and breathing and their hearts beating and beating pumping the blood. They being human. She and he being human.

Monkey Munney

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