They made it.

And made it and made it. They made it madly. Did it furiously. They had been making it. And working it and it working them and not whoring them not prostituting them not selling them out not hooking them but letting them be free not hooking the fish of them but instead seeing them and freeing them. And they feeling the world. The energy of it and not loathing it but loving it and riding the wave surfing the wave and sailing the winds and riding the horse and riding the Harleys and riding the rollercoaster and riding in an automobile in the limousine in the taxi and riding on the bus and riding on the train and flying in the airplane and walking on the street and along on a path and loosening up getting and being loose and free and open and wild and wild and big and wild and open and wild and free working wild in the wilds spending the time on the ground and out of doors outside walking and walking and soaking in the rays of the sun receiving their warmth and then broadcasting them passing them along channeling them and moving with them and resonating and vibrating with and oscillating with them. Dancing with them and singing with them and talking and going and doing and seeing and touching and tasting and eating and drinking and not driving but walking and riding instead being chauffeured and driven and driving the point home driving the point of the nail home driving the point of the point home and home again driving it with the hammer with the head of the hammer swinging the hammer with the hand on the handle and driving the point of the nail home by hitting it on its little head with the big head of the hammer.

Driving the nail home. Nailing the nail on the head hitting it perfectly and precisely with deadly accuracy and his heart racing and racing causing her heart to be racing and racing and so their hearts racing and racing and the adrenaline pumping and pumping and so they racy and slightly somewhat perhaps sexy and so racy and sexy. And hot and lovely too and the blood boiling and roiling and boiling and rolling and rocking. And kicking butt and some booty. Kicking it. They getting down and getting dancing getting moving and right to work cutting to the chase cutting to the quick and the deadly and the heights of the heavens cutting directly to them getting right directly to the point of the knife and directly to the point of the gun getting right and directly to the love. To the clarity of it. To the piercingness of it. Getting. Directly. To. Its. Directing. Directness.

Going straight for the Princess. For the Goddess. And the God. For the Sweetness. Of the Hotel Suite. They suiting up for action. For the battle. The card game. Poker. Blackjack. For the movie the film the story the song. The glory of the hallelujah. The gore of the blood of the bull and of the matador both in the arena. And of the crowd.

They got up and got hot and got going and moving and right to the speed and the working of the big guns. To the shooting of the big guns and the shooting of the film and of the action and the shooting of the shooting the shooting of the shots and the playing of the music with the sound resonating with her and him.

And the shooting of their hearts the opening up of them the revealing the showing the filming of them the open surgery of them and the openness of the open surgery. The wide openness. The wild blue yonder and the 'sunny skies as far as you can see' and the openness of her singing and of his heart. They open for business and for busyness and busy and busy like bees bumbling about doing and seeing and tasting and loving the country and the country music loving all of it all of the music from all of the countries from all over the world.

Loving it and liking it and not leaving it but staying with the movingness of the music with the emotion of it and staying with the going and going. Of the road. And sticking with the work and riding it out and riding the wave of the energy and momentum. Riding the work horses. They riding the horses. And riding them and riding them and moving with them and looking and smelling and soaking it all in the whole scene atmosphere carnival circus absorbing it and then radiating it and shining it and giving it up and up offering up an offing. Offering up a killing a drama a melodrama a mellow melodrama an entertainment a little bit of fun in this big wide world.

They working it up. She and he. These two clowns working up an act. They clowning around town. Now. Clowning around by walking around and around in circles. Circulating on the circuit around the country. And around the world. Circulating. Working their way around. The world these two clowns. Now doing this. This telling of jokes this entertaining.

This living.

This laughing.

This working.

Monkey Munney

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